Artificial grass is becoming increasingly popular in homes and gardens due to the fact it requires very little maintenance. Get in touch today for a free site survey or to discuss your ideas for your artificial grass installation with our experts.



With no need to mow, your pet-proof, child friendly artificial lawn from Polished Artificial Grass can help you create that dream custom garden thanks to our personalised service.

Artificial grass is perfect for homes to provide the natural looking, beautiful green grass all year round. There are many advantages of having artificial grass installed at your home, which are highlighted throughout this page. If you would like more information on our range of artificial grass please contact us online or visit one of our many show sites.

Artificial Grass at Home

Why Choose Us For Your Home Artificial Lawn Installation?

Below are just a few of the reasons more and more homeowners are turning to Polished Artificial Grass for their new artificial lawn.

No Need to Mow

The low maintenance nature of an artificial grass lawn is possibly its biggest attraction. After a long day at work, you don’t want to come home to find out the lawn has turned into a jungle and needs mowing. Synthetic grass requires no effort and, due to numerous advances in technology over the years, it can look almost as natural as a real grass lawn! No gardening is required as weeds cannot grow in artificial lawns and there is no need to water the grass in hot weather.

Pet Proof

Pet urine can be extremely acidic which often leads to dead patches in real grass lawns. The sun can also scorch the grass causing patches of lawn to die off. Unsightly bald patches and the need to re-seed your lawn can be prevented by installing an artificial grass lawn. All of our grasses come with UV protection to prevent the sun from changing the colour of your lawn and Fido can do his business without creating extra work for you.

Child and Carpet Friendly

No mud means no mess. By installing an artificial grass lawn, your children can play outside without bringing the outside back indoors with them. Less mud on the carpets means less cleaning and more time for you to relax. Our artificial grasses are child-friendly as they are completely lead free. You can even choose artificial grass that has a spring back feature and cannot be flattened underfoot.

Customised Gardens

Do you dream of having your own garden but live in an apartment? We can bring the garden to you! Many people are now choosing to install artificial grass on their balconies to give their apartment a more homely feel and provide a nice backdrop to their evening meals.

Do you dream of joining a golf club but are embarrassingly bad at golf? Install your own golf course in your back garden for a fraction of the price of a golf club membership! Our golf nylon pro turf is high quality and is designed to create the perfect putting surface.

Personalised Service

Artificial grass installations at home can be personalised to meet your exact requirements. We have a range of colours and lengths of grasses which are suitable for a variety of purposes. Whatever you want to do with your lawn, we can help.

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We found Polished Artificial Lawns to offer the most competitive in price after searching online. They also seemed the most helpful after a few phone calls and we were booked in within a couple of weeks. All work was completed within a day and the workmen left our garden and patio clean and tidy. Highly recommended.

Mr and Mrs Bruce, West Yorkshire

Very pleased with the preliminary work (notification of impending work given to neighbours, preparation of site, including clearance of unwanted materials, establishing a firm foundation prior to the laying of the new surface blocks etc.). The final appearance and stability have exceeded our expectations and we would gladly offer our recommendation to future clients.

Mr and Mrs Firth, West Yorkshire

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