Can I have a BBQ on my artificial grass lawn?

While all our artificial grass product range has been meticulously tested to ensure it complies with the necessary fire testing regulations in the UK, we would recommend placing your BBQ on a solid, steady surface such as decking or paving slabs. This is mainly due to the fact that stray coals and embers could scorch and/or [...]

Can I have a BBQ on my artificial grass lawn?2017-06-07T17:05:47+01:00

Do you sell artificial grass underlay?

Yes, we currently stock two kinds of underlay which are perfect for ensuring your artificial grass lawn isn't spoiled by pesky weeds poking through. We also stock an artificial grass shock pad underlay which can be installed when using our grass products in and around playgrounds and climbing frames. The shock pad underlay provides a [...]

Do you sell artificial grass underlay?2017-06-07T17:10:53+01:00

Is the grass child friendly?

Yes, our artificial grass has no lead content which means it is non-toxic and safe for children. Our grass feels soft and we can install a thick underlay to add extra cushioning to the grass. We can also provide a thick 20mm crash pad underlay. This underlay would be perfect if the grass surrounds a [...]

Is the grass child friendly?2017-01-30T19:25:21+00:00

Is your artificial grass pet friendly?

Yes, our artificial grass is mud free, lead free and non-toxic making it safe for your pets at home. The backing of the artificial grass is permeable with holes in the membrane and pet urine won’t change the colour of the grass, leaving your grass looking great all year round. The grass has a very [...]

Is your artificial grass pet friendly?2017-01-30T19:17:03+00:00

Is the grass UV protected?

Yes! UV protection is manufactured into every blade of grass so it won’t change colour in the sun, unlike many cheaply manufactured artificial grasses you will unfortunately find on the market today.

Is the grass UV protected?2017-01-30T19:14:01+00:00
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