Wakefield Grass Installation

A beautiful artificial grass installation in a lovely back garden in Wakefield. The owners of the property where finding it harder to maintain their lawn and have been let down my gardeners in the last couple of months. Artifical grass was the way to go with a company that do not let people down.

From survey to installation, the process took only 2 weeks. The customer wanted to keep the original curve of the lawn. We were able to achieve this buy installing a steel boarder, that could be bent into place. We do not use timber edging as it only runs straight and it after a while it will start to rot. We give very good guarantees, so we do not take any short cuts in our installation process.

The customer opted for our super lush, 40mm spring back grass. It really compliments the garden, now the customer does not need to worry about any maintenance of the lawn. It’s currently our busy part of the season, but we are still able to install very quickly. Feel free to call us to arrange a site survey. You will receive the quote the same day and installation within 3 weeks.

Before and After Photographs





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