Back Garden with Man Hole – Harrogate, Yorkshire

This customer has 2 large dogs that were making a complete mess of the real lawn in this back garden in Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

The whole lawn hardly had grass on it at all; it was very patchy and muddy which rendered it virtually unusable for anyone except the dogs!

After looking at our outdoor display site, the customer chose the 25mm spring back grass, stating that they liked the look of short freshly cut grass. Our team also recommended this particular grass type as shorter artificial grass is ideal for dogs due to the inevitable occasions where you will have to pick up mess!

Our team who carried out the installation made sure the man hole cover in the middle of the lawn was still fully accessible. We built up the limestone hardcore so the garden was level, before cutting around it and pinning it down. This way, the man hole is flush with rest of the garden lawn and it can still be accessed at any time.

This was a great job to work on, with the installation providing a little extra challenge!

The result was a very happy customer, and even happier dogs!

Before and After Photographs

Back Garden Harrogate Artificial Grass Before


Back Garden Harrogate Artificial Grass After


Back Garden Harrogate Artificial Grass After

The End Result!


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